Electrolytes & Polymer Solutions

Electrolytes & Polymer Solutions

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To save your time, confirm system performance, and warrant reproducible result, AES (Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions Ltd.) can provide electrolytes & polymer Solutions which are manufactured under strict quality control standards. All CEInfinite test kits, electrolytes, and methylcellulose solutions are fully tested and certified.

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Hemoglobin Stock Solution (100 µL), Condition Solution (0.35% MC + 4M Urea) (5 mL), 1% Methyl Cellulose Solution (100 mL), 10mM Arginine Solution (25 mL), 0.5% Methyl Cellulose Solution (100 mL), Anolyte (100 mL), Catholyte (100 mL), 10mM iminodiacetic Acid Solution (25 mL), Electrolyte (Anolyte, Catholyte) (100 mL x 2), IEF Solution (pH3-10) (25 mL), iCIEF FE Solution (5 mL), 6 mm Insert, 300 μL, 100/pack, 2 mL Sample Vial, 100/pack, Sample Vial Lids, 100/pack, 300 µL Sample Vial, Snap Ring with Lids, 100/pack, icIEF/CEInfinite System Suitability Kit, icIEF/CEInfinite Analytical System Test Kit, icIEF/CEInfinite Fractionation System Test Kit