Proprietary separation column modification
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Product Description

High Sensitive, High Performance Imaging CIEF Cartridges with Separation Capillaries (Patented)
Proprietary separation column modification
  • Highly stable, high sensitivity photo mask integrated imaging cartridge, with hydrophobic fluorocarbon or hydrophilic coating selections
  • Sensitivity improvement of 200 µm id WCID cartridges is 100% over those of 100 µm id
  • Low resistance for sample injection, less clogging, and quicker sample injection due to easy flow along large ID capillary
  • The world’s first WCID imaging cartridges for direct coupling to a Mass Spectrometer
  • The world’s first WCID imaging cartridges for preparative CIEF

Refer to following table to find the right cartridge types for your applications.

FC – Fluorocarbon based capillary coating (coating thickness 0.1 µm)Highly reliable
Popular CIEF coating
Suitable for pH 2-11
PA – Polyacrylamide based capillary coating (molecular layer coating)No methyl cellulose additive necessary
Popular CIEF coating
AD – Acrylamide derivative capillary coating (molecular layer coating)Highly reliable
More stable than PA
No methyl cellulose additive necessary
CP00307 is for manual preparative iCIEF
CP00307P is for auto preparative iCIEF
CP00303M is for ESI-MS direct coupling

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