iCIEF Instrument Systems

Capillary isoelectric focusing (CIEF) is an essential technique to both visualize and quantify the presence of charge isomers in protein samples.

Whole-column image detection (WCID) or imaged CIEF (iCIEF) overcomes difficult method development and low throughput and difficult associated with the long capillary of traditional single point detection capillary electrophoresis.

CEInfinite iCIEF instrument systems by Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions Ltd. deliver high-throughput precision while being incredibly robust.

Each instrument comes with the CEInsight operating software that is compliant with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 and exports data to your desired third-party chromatography software.

CEInfinite Preparative – Seamless Fractionation and Characterization


Figure 1. CEInfinite Preparative iCIEF system

Isolating charge isomer peaks for identification would provide invaluable information for stability studies, as well as formulation and process control. As the world’s first Preparative iCIEF solution, the CEInfinite instrument system is an innovation of traditional iCIEF.

With the addition of a highly precise pump and patented cartridges for fractionation, the CEInfinite Preparative is able to transfer separated proteins for further analysis. As with the Analytical instrument, the unaltered focusing method from other iCIEF instruments can be used and the mobilization step needs little to no optimization.

During the transfer process, the separation resolution is not altered. This implementation is a solution which solves the challenges in biopharmaceutical applications for micro-preparation, purifying proteins, as well as characterizing proteins.

Mass spectrometer (MS) coupling is a powerful high throughput characterization solution for protein identification. The outlet of the CEInfinite Preparative iCIEF instrument can be directly connected to a mass spectrometer to deliver the fractionated protein samples for characterization (iCIEF-MS).

CEInfinite Analytical – Low-Maintenance iCIEF with High-Throughput Results

CEInfinite Instrument System

Figure 2. CEInfinite Analytical iCIEF system

Existing methods from most iCIEF instruments can be transferred to CEInfinite instruments with absolutely no additional method development. However, thanks to detection sensitivity and resolution can be significantly improved by using CEInfinite WCID cartridges.

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