High Resolution Scanning iCIEF by WCID

Whole column imaging detection (WCID) capillary electrophoresis (CE) systems have revolutionized protein charge related heterogeneity analysis with imaging detection capillary isoelectric focusing (iCIEF). Unlike electropherograms in single point detection CE system, which display absorbance at a specific point along the separation capillary at different separation times, electropherograms in WCID are snapshots of the whole separation capillary at different times until completion of the iCIEF separation. Compared to conventional CE system, WCID CE system provides faster method development, higher detection sensitivity, better reliability, and higher analytical throughput. Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions Ltd (AES) has made new breakthrough developments of WCID technology, and these developments are reflected in the commercialized CEInifinite WCID CE system. The CEInfinite system comprises of a high performance WCID CE instrument, high sensitivity imaging cartridge, first-in-the-world preparative imaging cartridges, and carrier ampholytes for iCIEF.

CEInfinite WCID CE instrument is the only system that empowers dynamic processes investigation with WCID. With the application of a high sensitivity CMOS imaging sensor, scan frequency for the whole separation capillary can be as high as 1000 Hz. The increased scan frequency effectively minimizes imaging blur that occurs at a lower scan frequency, which enables dynamic processes, such as Taylor dispersion protein hydrodynamic radius measurement, protein interaction studies, and preparative scanning iCIEF. The capability of CEInfinite to scan at a high frequency opens a new technology of whole column imaging detection, scanning iCIEF.