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CE Total SolutionsAs an innovative state of the art whole column imaging detection CIEF (iCIEF) system provider, Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions Ltd. (AES) values providing solutions more than simply selling products. We are working with our collaborators and researchers like you to find solutions to the challenges of fast evolving protein characterization and proteomics. New applications with our advanced iCIEF system include protein interaction studies, Taylor dispersion molecular size measurement, and high resolution iCIEF fractionation.

AES wants to simplify your protein electrophoresis experience by providing high throughput and quantitative iCIEF instrumentation, user friendly and regulatory agency compliance software, application solutions, and on-time technical support. Besides consumable and replacement parts, AES also provides novel application support for high resolution iCIEF fractionation, iCIEF coupling to MS, protein interaction studies, and Taylor dispersion rapid measurement of protein hydrodynamic radius. We have been researching and developing high resolution carrier ampholytes (Aeslyte), stable separation column coatings (both hydrophobic and hydrophilic) to better service you. To control the resolving power and consistency, we synthesize carrier ampholytes to aid in your protein characterization. When you purchase carrier ampholytes from other vendors, you may not always receive the same quality or be able to purchase the same product. At AES, we promise you consistent quantity and quality of the carrier ampholytes. We can also provide you with high quality pI markers to aid in pI calibration for your protein analysis. We are the only company in the world that can provide you with up to 30 pI markers. We have also developed many column coatings for the columns to be used for the iCIEF, such as special coatings for hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules. For example, a proprietary fluorocarbon coating has been developed for general iCIEF applications, and a proprietary hydrophilic coating has been developed for hydrophobic molecules. We can provide you with custom made coatings to fit the requirements of your analysis.

In addition to our CEinfinite instrument system, related reagents and cartridges, we are also proud of and would like to provide total solutions to you so that you can optimize your protein analysis. If you have any challenges during method development or troubleshooting with protein electrophoresis, just leave it to us. We will do our best to service you so you can do your best at what is important to you!

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